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Hosting Packages

The following are the most common hosting packages available from dada typo. Addtional services may be integrated with your package on an ad hoc basis. If you need to host more than one site, we can bill you on a per-site basis, or in one integrated invoice for all of your domains.

Discounts are applied to demonstrated non-profit organizations. We like non-profits! Contact us for details.

Basic WordPress Hosting

$30.00 / month

WordPress-optimized hosting with WP-Engine, the industry standard for WP Hosting.


  • Daily backups
  • Built-in staging server for unobtrusive development
  • SSL Certificate capability
  • Database access with phpMyAdmin
  • Customer portal for WP-Engine
  • Customer portal for dada typo billing

Basic Shared Hosting Package

$30.00 / month

A simple plan for static websites

  • 5 Email accounts
  • 5 Email aliases
  • 100 MB disk space
  • SFTP access to your site
  • PHP scripting language
  • 2 GB/month of bandwidth
  • Client Portal
  • Detailed hit statistics

Manifesto Shared Hosting Package

Starting at $30.00 / month (depending on module deployment)

Basic Hosting + Manifesto CMS dada typo's Manifesto software allows you to build a complete website from scratch by simply filling out forms on a password-protected web page. Manifesto's modular design makes it easy for you to establish a website that suits your needs, e.g. an artist's portfolio, a news publishing site, a blog, or a full-blown e-commerce site.

  • Basic Shared Hosting Features
  • Basic Manifesto CMS

Manifesto Ecommerce Solution

Starting at $50.00 / month

A Content Management System with Integrated Ecommerce Hoping to sell products or services online? Without needing a full-blown Internet Merchant account, you can take advantage of Manifesto's content manangement and accept credit cards through ecommerce services from PayPal. With nothing more than a PayPal account, you can begin taking online orders for your goods and services through Manifesto's Shopping Cart module. Visitors can pay with PayPal transfers by logging in, or can simply authorize a secure credit card transaction without the need for a PayPal account.

Private Server Configurations

Starting at $80.00 / month

Need the resources and horsepower of your own standalone server? dada typo can configure a Virtual Machine (VM) in the cloud solely dedicated to your site, with resources optimized for your needs. Isolation from other sites means greater stability and uptime for yours. We can configure your own machine with anywhere from 1 to 16 processors, with up to 24 GB of RAM, and hard drive space and backup disks as you need them.

PCI Compliant Hosting for Ecommerce

Starting at $120.00 / month

Need the resources and horsepower of your own standalone server, but it needs to be PCI compliant for your ecommerce capabilities? dada typo can maintain a PCI compliant environment, constantly updated to counter new threats to security, on a server otherwise configured to your speicifications.

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