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dada typo is not a volume-oriented, cheap, commercial hosting outfit. We are sincerely concerned about offering great service, helpful advice, and making a positive contribution to the Internet and the world. And we have a number of subtle distinguishing features that reflect this:

  • We love Free, Open Source Software: Our own Manifesto software is open source, inviting evaluation and contributions from a broader community. It focuses on the specific needs of the user, not the generic implementation of trendy widgets and themes.
  • We value privacy: We're inherently wary of corporate social media giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. We can work with them, but we'll never propose their use simply because it's convenient. If you're concerned about companies profiting from your data, we can help you find alternatives. For example, we generally eschew use of Google Analytics in favor of the similarly-powerful, but fully private Piwik, an open-source project. Manifesto has its own module for handling comments rather than turning all of your user content over to Disqus or another third-party provider.
  • We're human, and you can call us: While we encourage the use of our Knowledge Base and support portal, which helps other users in the future, we know that sometimes it's just easier to pick up the phone. We answer.
  • We can set up your own email server: While many people use Gmail or another major host for all of their email, we can set up your own mail server so that only you read your email. (You do know that Google parses the content of all of your email, right?)
  • We don't hunt big game.
  • We don't believe all your content belongs to us.
  • We don't sell your information, statistics, or anything else you wouldn't expect us to sell.

dada typo is your neighborhood grocery store. The local independant hardware store. The college student next door you trust to babysit your kids. The doctor you've had for 30 years, rather than #17 on the HMO approved doctor list. You get the picture. Shop independent. It makes the world a nicer place.

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